Hazara Culture

Hazaragi Proverbs

Author: Dr. Akbar M Shahristani

پوله اگه بَلی سَنگ بِلی سَنگ آو موشه.

[ If you put money on a stone, the stone will melt. ]

What can’t gold do.

Money will do any thing.

پیش از مردو جاغه پاره نموشه.

[You shouldn’t tear your collar before you die. ]

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

پیش کله خر یاسین خاندو.

[ Reading scripture before a donkey. ]

Casting your pearls before swine. (Injil)

Why play the harp to a buffalo. (Burmese proverb)

پیل اگه از اَلخُشکی بَمره اَم دَ کوره شی یَک زانو آوه. (گُرگ اَر قدر پیر شوه زور یک میش ره دره)

[ If an elephant dies of thirst, there shall still be one knee deep of water in its belly. ]

A diamond with a flaw is preferable to a common stone without any imperfection. (Chinese Proverb)

پیله چَمچه یَکی ره ݚَغݚَغ مونه.

[ Spoon and cup sometime hit each other. ]

Accidents will happen in the best families.

تا باد نبشه دِرخت شور نموخوره.

[ Unless there is wind, the tree won’t move. ]

If there is no wind, the trees will not move. (Chinese Proverb)

Every effect has a cause.

تا خود خوره دَ بلا نَزَنی دَ بَخت نمیرسی.

[ Unless you throw yourself into hardship you shall not be prosperous. ]

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

He that would eat the kernal must crack the nut.

تا دَ آو نزنی اوباز نموشی.

[ Unless you jump into water you shall not be a swimmer. ]

Without diligence, no prize.

He that would have eggs must endure the cackling of hens.

تا دَ آو و آتیش نزنی دَ جای نمیرسی.

[ Unless you put yourself in water and fire you won’t get anywhere. ]

No bees, no honey; no work, no money.

تا لوݚه دَ دنیا بَشه مُفلس در نمومنه.

[ As long as there are careless people in the world, the poor people won’t remain helpless.]

The folly of one man is the fortune of another.* A fool and his money are soon parted.

تا نبینی سخت و سُست، کَی شوی مرد درست.

[ Unless you face misery and hardship, you shall not be a man. ]

He that dare not venture must not complain of ill luck.

تا نیلغه چیخرا نکنه، آیه شی شِیر نمیدیه.

[ Unless the infant cries, his mother won’t breastfeed him. ]

The squeaking wheel gets the grease.

موگی نه از چِیل بُمَنُم نه از توشه راه.

[ You want to be both at the Chil and at the Toshara ceremony. ]

You can’t be in two places at the same time.

توره مرد کُرَ ندره.

[ A man’s promise doesn’t have offspring. ]

An honest man’s word is his bond.

تَی کاسه نِیم کاسه یه.

[ There is half a bowl under the bowl. ]

A person smells a rat

There is a trick to his trade

There is something rotten in the State of Denmark.

تیر خطا صفت ندره.

[ A bullet that misses has nothing to praise. ]

It signifies nothing to play well if you lose.

تیر که از شصت بور شد، وای وای دَرد نموخوره.

[ When the arrow is released from one’s thumb, regret won’t help. ]

It’s no use crying over spilt milk.

تیل که از خانه سرکار امد دَ دامون خو بِگِیر.

[ When oil is given to you by government (free), get it into your lap/apron. ]

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

جان جوری پاد شاهی استه.

[ A sound body is a kingdom. ]

Health is great riches.

Health is better than wealth.* Health is wealth.

جان که نبَشه جَهانه چِی کنه؟

[ If you aren’t alive then what’s the use of the world? ]

Health is better than wealth.

What profit is it if he gains the whole world and loses his soul. (Injil)