Hazara Culture

Hazaragi Proverbs

Author: Dr. Akbar M Shahristani

جیسور گوشت خو ره موخوره.

[ Envy eats its own flesh. ]

Envy eats nothing but its own heart.

Envy shoots at others and wounds herself.

جگر جگره دیگر دیگره.

[ A Liver is a liver, other is other. ]

Blood is thicker than water.

جنگ دَ کُندلو بِی آسویه.

[ A fight looks easy for those who watch it. ]

It’s easy to bear the misfortunes of others.

Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.

جنگل تر و خشک دره.

[ In a jungle there are both green and dry trees. ]

So many man, So many opinions.

There are hills, and there are swamps as well (Malay proverb).

جنگل که در گرفت تر و خُشک موسوزه.

[ When a jungle catches fire both wet and dry will burn up. ]

When trouble comes, it overtakes guilty and innocent alike.

جواب ابله خاموشی یه.

[ The answer for fools is silence. ]

You will get trouble if you argue with a fool; therefore silence is golden.

جوینده یا بنده یه.

[ The seeker is the finder. ]

Seek and you shall find. (Injil))

جیب که پُر بود دِل پُره.

[ When the pocket is full the heart is full. ]

A heavy purse makes a light heart.

جیب که خالی بود، دِل خالی یه.

[ If the pocket is empty, the heart is empty. ]

A light purse makes a heavy heart.

چاه کن جای شی دَ چاه یه.

[One who digs a well, his own place would be in the well.]

An arrow shot upright falls on the shooter’s head.

He falls into the pit who leads another into it. (Spanish Proverb)

چپاک نخد، بِه از چَلپَک نسیه.

[A ready slap is better than bread on credit.]

Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow.

A gift in hand is better than two promises.

چپاکِ یکطرفه آواز ندره.

[ A slap from one side doesn’t have a sound. ]

One-sided courtesy cannot last long. (French Proverb)

چِو دَ وار زَنبور میزنه.

[ Don’t hit with a stick on a wasp’s nest. ]

Wake not a sleeping lion.

Kindle not the fire that you cannot extinguish.

چِو آرچَند گِرَنگ بشه تَی آو نموشه.

[ However heavy wood might be it won’t sink in the water. ]

Water and oil do not mix.

حرکت کو که برکت کنه

[ Move so that he (God) may bless. ]

God helps those who help themselves.

We must do our part for God to bless.

حساب دَ مثقال، بَخشِش دَ خِروار.

[Counting should be by Misqal, generosity by Khirwar.5]

Give liberally, but do business exactly.

خار دَ جان خود خو دِ، سِیزو دَ جان دِیگا.

[ Thrust a thorn into your own body, and a needle into someone else’s. ]

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

خار که از زمی بور شد تِیزه.

سال از بهارش پیدا است.

[ A thorn is sharp when it comes out of the ground. ]

As goes the spring, so goes the year.

خار پُوشتَک چُوچِه خو ره موگه: "بخملی باچه مه."

[ The hedgehog calls its baby ‘oh my child of velvet’. ]

One’s own child is especially dear to him.

خاک خشک دَ دِیوال نمی چسپه.

تهمت نا حق به کسی آسیب زده نمیتواند.

[ Dry dirt won’t stick on the wall. ]

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.