Hazara Culture

Hazaragi Proverbs

Author: Dr. Akbar M Shahristani

خانه اوستا دِیروش پیدا نموشه، خانه سوداگر سِیزو.

خانِه آیِینگر ݖونݖی پیدا نموشیه، خانه سوداگر سیزو

[ An awl can’t be found at the blacksmith’s home, nor a needle at the trader’s home. ]

One who helps others, but doesn’t help his own.

خاوی چِیله یه.

خواب است و خیال.

[It is a dream of Chilla. ]

Dreams go by contraries.

خدا دا ره دَده روزِی شی ره اَم میدیه.

خدا روزی رسان است

[ God has given the mouth, he will also provide for food. ]

God never sends a mouth only, but he sends meat also.

خدا دیر میگیره، سیر می گیره.

[ God catches slowly and thoroughly. ] God’s mill grinds slow but sure.

خدا روزی رسانه.

[ God is the provider of our daily bread. ]

Even the grubs in the rocks manage to survive. (Malay proverb)

خدا روزی ره از موری شِیوه نمونه.

نا برده رنج گنج میسر نمی شود، مزد آن گرفت که جان برادر کار کرد.

[ God won’t pour our daily bread from the opening of the roof of one’s home. ]

God reaches us good things by our own hands.

Use the means, and God will give the blessing.

خدا که دَد نموگه بچه کِی استی>> (قد خدا دَده و خدا زَده نموشه)

با خدا دادگان ستیز نمیشود. <

[ When God gives, he doesn’t ask whose son you are. ]

God blesses without partiality.

God gives without regard to rank or importance.

خدا نر بره ره بَلدی کارد آست کده.

(بِدو دَ قیزه موره، اَیدو دَ لرزه موره)

[ God created the male lamb for the knife. ]

God makes the back for the burden.

خر امو خره، فقط پالون شی بَدَل شده.

[ It is the same donkey, just its saddle has been changed ] don’t make the man.

خرج اگه از کیسه مهمان بود، حاتم تایی شدو آسان بود.

(از کیسه خلیفه بَخش مونه)

(نان بشه میمو چیه، ایمو بشه مردو چیه)

[ If the expenditure is from the pocket of the guest, it’s easy to be generous like Hatam-i Tayi. ]

It’s easy to be generous with another man’s money.

خرس که دَکوه آدم ندید، کَنݖلی سوار موشه.

[ When a bear doesn’t see people in the wilderness, it will ride on a stick. ]

When the cat is away, the mice will play.

خِرس و پالِزوانی.

[ It is impossible that a bear can take care of melon patch. ]

Don’t take a bull into a China shop.

خلق برو و مَن برو.

[ The people do and I do. ]

When in Rome do as the Romans do.

Take the tone of the company you are in.

خو قد خو شُشته نموشه.

خون با خون شسته نمیشود.

[ Blood won’t be washed with the blood. ]

Blood can’t be washed out with blood.

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

خواهی نشوی رسوا، همرنگ جماعت شَو.

خواهی نشوی رسوا، همرنگ جماعت باش.

[ If you don’t want to be scandalized, do as the crowd does. ]

Do as most men do, then most men will speak well of you.

One must howl with the wolves.

Take the tone of the company you are in.

خاه نیک کنه خاه بَد کُنه، هَرکس کُنه با خود کنه.

[ Whether you do good or evil, it will be for yourself. ]

Every sin carries it’s own punishment.

خوبی از روی خوبی یه.

[ Kindness is due to kindness. ]

One kindness is the price of another.

خوبی دَ کماله، نه جمال.

خوبی در کمال است، نه در جمال.

[ Goodness is in knowledge not in beauty. ]

Handsome is as handsome does.

خود خوره دَ سرمیخ می کشه.

[ Scratching oneself on the nail. ]

Kicking against the pricks.

خود خوره قَد شاخ گاو جَنگ میدیه.

[ He causes his body to fight with the horn of a bull. ]

Kicking against the pricks.